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We're still being screwed over!!! >

It seems like the morons at Berry Plastics, the company that laid me and about 130 other people off, are in trouble with the state. I read in my local paper today that those assholes haven't sent in our wage information to the state so our unemployment claims can be finally processed. Some of them got noticed from the unemployment bureau saying their claims are being delayed due to they don't have their wage information, how much they made in 2008. It's the law that the company that lays off the people HAS TO TURN IN THE INFORMATION!

Right now, I AM REALLY pissed off at those fucks at Berry Plastics!! They laid me and about 130 other people off and some of them have been there for over 20 years! That IS NOT FAIR!! Now we're STILL being screwed over by them!!!!!

So, if you think I'm pissed off about this, ask the other 130 people how they feel?

I honestly don't know how much longer I have to wait for my benefits to FINALLY COME IN!! This bullshit doesn't help me out AT ALL! They first told us when we made our claims that it'll be about 3-4 weeks before anything starts coming in. Now we might have to wait MORE!! Plus, I might have another thing to worry about if my benefits are delayed more! The money I saved up for my Anime Boston trip and the money I got from those fuckers from Berry, is running out. I have like, 3-5 weeks left of money to tide me over. I might have to start asking a few people I know for money they owe me. One of them is my brother. I lend him $500 just because he's my brother and now that I need help myself, he's off getting Skiing lessons when he could have paid me off already!!

And that comes to my next problem. I HATE ASKING PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING!!! Especially when it comes to money! I'm afraid that they'll snap back at me if I ask for them to pay me back.

Goddammit!! I FUCKING HATE 2009!!!!!!!! I fucking hate being out of work!!!!!
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