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Mario The World Champion: Exposed!

What you want to know about this man of mystery. XD

Mario The World Champion
17 June 1981
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Name's Mario The World Champion. I'm a 25 year old Officer Jenny fanatic, Pokemon player, hardcore gamer from Massachusetts. ^^

I'm now an award winning fanfiction writer at The Pokemon Tower with my Pokemon/Formula One crossover, Ash Ketchum: Formula One Driver.

See for yourself.

I have claimed Officer Jenny at title or descriptionbishie_claims
I have claimed Latias at title or descriptionbishie_claims
I have claimed Tommy Vercetti at title or descriptionbishie_claims
I have claimed Carl Johnson at title or descriptionbishie_claims

I have claimed Officer Jenny from Pokemon @ bishiestalker

Please visit my website, Mario Online

^ My dream cars! XD
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