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*blows off layers of dust*

Well, it wasn't 8 months between entries here.  That's good!  I'm amazed that LiveJournal doesn't delete unused journals after a certain period of time.  Well, there's one reason I came here instead of using my Twitter page.  I should really go there and drop something about WWE Superstar Edge retiring.  I hated the character, but he was a good performer.

The past few days or so, I got replies from people who have no entries whatsoever, nor any information in their profiles.  I don't know if they're trolling or not.  I just deleted them and that's that.

My life is still shit and I wasted so much of it.  I'm turning 30 in 2 months and I have nothing to show for it.  I'm very dejected by it.  Seems like when the economy went down the shitter, it took me with it and I still haven't got myself back to something respectable.  Nowadays, if you want a job, you have to have some special skill that you had to study for 4 years in college just to get a chance.  Most of the jobs that made America what it was have shipped out to fucking China or Mexico because the companies are fuckers who only care about money.  And I will never trust the U.S. Government to make things better.  They have a hard enough time debating what to have for lunch and we trust them with the budget of this country?  Nah, I think I'll do my own thing from now on.

With all this time, I got my hands on Pokemon White 2 days when it came out and I pretty much beat it in 8-9 days of constant playing.  Usually, it takes me a month or two of regular playing to get through the main story of a Pokemon game, but White is that good!  It reminds me of my summer days when I was still in high school and I wasted my entire summer playing Pokemon Red.

God, I feel old...
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