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I've been Twitter'd and other crap.

It's been a while since I came around my LJ. A few things have happened to me since the last LJ entry, so let me explain.

1. My fucking unemployment benefits ran out on me, EVEN THOUGH I still had some cash left. The fuckers in the state just decided to end it. That means I will have to bug people who owe me money to pay them back. AND I HATE ASKING PEOPLE FOR MONEY!!!!

2. Because of the unemployment shit, I'm on a major job hunt. I don't have much money left at all. Just enough to cover my Internet bill. I don't have broadband, just the fucked up Dial-up. Two things that have helped in my job search are the state's unemployment job bank, where employers list jobs that need people and the Western Mass Craigslist jobs section. I saw a good chunk of jobs in my town and have applied to them. Nothing as of yet.

3. After some pestering, I have decided to get myself a Twitter account. Yes, I got one now. I got it yesterday. I'm still getting around to using and making my style on it. So, if any of you that still watch me, my username on Twitter is MarioTheWC.

And that's pretty much it. To those who have started school, take it easy, don't get stressed out and you'll survive another year.

I'm out.
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