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Off to Hartford this Saturday

July's ending and I'm going off to ConnectiCon this Saturday. I need to get away from everything here in Western Massachusetts. So, I'm looking forward to indulging myself in Anime goodness for one day. I'm only planning a one-day trip due to the fact I had some expenses to take care of and had to dip into my ConnectiCon fund.

After ConnectiCon, I have to go out and find a job before my Unemployment runs out. I'll talk to my buddy who works at Joey Logano land a.k.a. Home Depot and see if they got anything. The Temp Agency I worked for before I went to those Berry fucks are in need of people. And look who's needing people again. Those Berry fucks who laid me off. That's one option, but I really don't want to go back there since it's become worse than ever from what my buddy tells me.

I hope everyone on my f-list are having a good summer. I'm trying to enjoy it, but I have some stuff to get done before this summer ends.
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