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Summer 2009 for me

The end of June has arrived and Summer is here. With all the stuff that has happened to me in 2009 (being laid off, my Dad getting leukemia and thoughts of just ending it all), I think my Summer will be very low key. I'm just not happy that summer's here.

I'm worried about my Dad. That's a given, but I'm also worried about trying to find a job now. My unemployment benefits run out sometime in September and I'm worried that I won't find anything from now until then. I really want to get back out there and work to get my mind off of everything, but the economy still sucks ass. Plus, there's no way that there are any jobs that paid like my former job. Most of them are all being sent overseas for cheaper labor.

I'm really in a deep bout of depression. I just don't see anything good coming at all, even if I do go out and get it, what good will that do?

I need to get out more, but I need to look after my Dad when Mom's working. So, I'm screwed.
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