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I came, I saw, I returned from Anime Boston!

Well, after the year I've been having, I did go to Anime Boston 2009.

And I'm glad I did.

I really needed to get away from everything. This might be the lone bright spot for me in 2009. I did my usual thing at AB. Took loads of pics, bought a lot of Anime goodies and I even hit a few panels during the con. After missing out at getting a room at the Sheraton, which is right next to the convention center, I got a room at the really fancy Colonnade Hotel, right near the convention center itself. It was a real fancy hotel but it was perfectly fine for me.

One major thing I did there was go to a panel featuring Veronica Taylor, Ash's former voice actor from Pokemon. She even did Ash's voice a ton of times for the fans. I tried to take a few pics, but I think they came out crappy. ><

I was really happy to see mostflogged at the con as well. She was working at the Image Anime booth. She was cosplaying as Yoko from Gurren Laggan and a maid character. She was going to dress as Officer Jenny on Sunday, but she forgot a few things for that and was real sad about it. So was I mainly because she does Officer Jenny real good.

The sad thing about leaving her is that she asked me if I was going to any other cons this year. There are no other cons that I can be able to go to. She lives somewhere near New York City, where it's perfect due to main cons down there. I happen to live up here in the middle of nowhere called Western Massachusetts. Only ConnectiCon in late July-early August is the next and last one I can go, but she probably won't be there. If only I lived in southern Connecticut...

In closing, I did ask a few booths for their website cars. They are booths that had great stuff and I want to buy from them again. I even bumped into two guys at booths who I saw at ConnectiCon 2008. The music guy who deals in stuff for the artist Next Tribe and the dude from the World of Smut. XD

Now I must get all my pictures out of my digital camera and try to sort out the best of the best.
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