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100% set for Anime Boston 2009

Nothing's gonna stand in my way of going to Anime Boston!! Nothing!! It's a month away and counting and I can't WAIT!

Right now, I have reserved my hotel room. It's at the Colonnade Hotel. A pretty fancy looking one that's across the street from the Hynes Convention Center. So, it's not a long walk to all the Anime goodness. The rooms are a bit pricey, but I took advantage of this 48 hour sale and for a room for around $200. I will be paying a bit more for the room than I did when I crashed at the Marriott last year, but at least I'm gold right now.

I'm still saving cash for me to blow over there. The money for my room is all set. My plans? I hope to do MORE THINGS over there this year than last. Which means staying at the con for a lot longer than I did last year.

I'm not sure about my original plan to cosplay as a Team Rocket Grunt. When I got laid off, everything changed big time. Meh, I'll see what my options are. Maybe I can still do it. I don't know right now.

Sadly, I will not be taking item requests this year. I want to go absolutely crazy and come home with a lot more Anime goodies than I did last year.

I hope mostflogged will be at Anime Boston this year. I would like to see her again.

I still have a few little things I need to get for myself. Mostly a travel charger for my PSP and DS Lite. So, I can charge them up and not worry about running out of battery power. I hate that. ><

Hell, I'm excited to go. I need to get away and take my mind off of not having a job right now. Anime Boston is my escape!
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