Mario The World Champion (mariothewc) wrote,
Mario The World Champion

Anime Boston plans

Well, April is nearly here. That means I should get my plans for Anime Boston 2009 ready. I think sometime next week, I'll reserve my hotel room. I already got the money I need to stay there for the con, so all I have to do is save up cash to blow off on myself.

This year, due to the fact I got laid off at work and I'm collecting unemployment benefits, I will not be taking item requests this year. I don't know when I'll get another job and when I'll go to another con, so this Anime Boston will be all for myself. I didn't buy much for myself last year.

Also, I just learned that Veronica Taylor will be there. VERONICA TAYOLR?!! THE ORIGINAL ASH KETCHUM?!! I'M FUCKING THERE!!
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